EO Propel is the local version of EO Accelerator.  EO Propel is a 2-year program for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business, or aspire to join EO.  The program’s backbone, EOS, will be supplemented by learning sessions, workshops, reading materials, and regular meetings.  Participants will pay an annual fee (to be determined).

To qualify, participants should meet the following criteria:

– Owner is a founder or co-founder of the business

– Business is at least 3 years-old

– Business is profitable or close to break-even

– Business generates at least P25m in annual revenue

– Owner is willing to share the company’s financial data

The membership committee will help screen applicants.

If you know anyone who wants to sign-up, please ask them to reach out to Vincent Grey directly at 0999 881 4077.   Deadline for applications in on August 7, 2019.  The program will start in September, 2019.