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For 2020-2021 EO Philippine Chapter will focus on 3 priorities: Engagement/Connection, Community and Clear Communication.

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Lisset Laus-Velasco


Meet Lisset. She's the chairman and CEO of Laus Group of Companies.  They are in the automotive, non-life insurance, food and media industries among others. She's been with EO since 2011 and currently serves as EO's Chapter President

Mahesh Mirpuri

Member Engagement Co-Chair and President Elect

Meet Mahesh. He's a serial entrepreneur. One of his companies is Styletex  Corp, which manufactures apparel where he's the current CEO. He's been with EO for over than seven years now and on the board for five.

Richard Tiu

Ambassador Chair

Meet Richard, He's with the ambassador committee. He's been with EO for almost twenty-three years. He may look like an extrovert but deep inside he's an introvert. He's into manufacturing plastic and rubber products.

Edison Yap


Meet Edison. He's married to Emily, with two daughters aged twelve and four. He's the General Manager of Clairmont, a company whose purpose is to fulfill the need for space. He's been a member of EO for more than two years, and currently its finance chair.

Jenny Yang

Forum Chair

Meet Jenny. She's our current Forum Chair. She's the CFO of Plastmann Industrial Corporation & Gran Alphatech International Corp. She's been with EO for seven years.

Jean De Castro

Forum C0-Chair

Jean is the CEO of ESCA Inc., a Filipino-owned full service Engineering Firm that provides Engineering Design, Project Management and Building Information Modelling (BIM) services to local and foreign clients for more than 35 years. She is also the CEO of ESCA International Inc. (EII), an engineering outsourcing company that provides high value outsourcing services to clients abroad

Merrick Sua

Forum Co-Chair

Meet Merrick. He's the current Managing Director of Unisell Corporation, a leading full-service sales, marketing, and distribution company in the Philippines for household, health, personal care, and beauty products.

Trixie Whyte


Meet Trixie. She's the founder, President and Visionary of Q2 HR Solutions Group of Companies. Q2 is the leading Fully Integrated HR solutions provider in the Philippines and they are in the business of uplifting lives in the Human Resources space. She's been with EO for six years.

JP Tuazon


Meet JP. He's the CEO of Tuason Racing School. Their company's purpose is to make dreams come true for their clients and employees thru motorsports. He's been with EO for six years and on his fourth year serving on the board as the GSEA chair. 

Andoni Albert

EO Hero

Meet Andoni. He's the CEO of Kation Technologies Inc. Kation Technologies is an IT company in the Philippines that serves clients in the Asia Pacific region, especially customers who are growing and who see the need to transform their businesses. 

Vincent Grey


Meet Vincent. He's been with EO for almost twenty years. His companies are FilTech that resell mobile load, collect payments from migrant workers, and make it possible for them to participate in e-commerce. He's a father of four.

Liza Morales - Crespo

Member Engagement

Meet Liza. She's the CEO of Philippine Geogreen Inc, a distribution company focused on sustainable products. She's been with EO for three years.

Leah Z. Caringal


Meet Leah. She's the founder and CEO of Greenbulb Communications and RedTorch Communications. Her companies role is creating and sharing brand stories that create positive change. She's an EO member since 2016

Edward Lim


Meet Edward. He's the President of Morning Star Milling Corporation, a flour milling and pasta manufacturing company. He's been with EO for the last eighteen years and has occupied all sort of roles in the organization. He's happy to be back on the local chapter!

Audrey Uy


Meet Audrey. She's the Co-Founder of Frozen MNL, Frozen MNL is a homegrown website that specializes in all things, well, frozen—from meats to fish to desserts and of course, frozen meals.

Ray Roxas-Chua


Meet Ray. He's been an EO member for thirteen years. He runs his family businesses in glass container manufacturing and real estate development, and dabbles in e-commerce. He's married with four boys.

Marvin Tiu Lim


Meet Marvin. A happy and lighthearted type of guy! He's a new EO Member for only a year and he has been learning and growing so much since then. He works with his family in th FMCG industry.

Laura Verallo de Bertotto


Meet Laura. She's a big believer in spreading(like a great cream!) kindness-health-happiness, with a background in critical theory, race and gender, and a cocktail fan. She's the "dew"-good CEO of VMV HYPOALLERGENICS®, she's here to save the world's skin with the safest, most(proven) effective care on the planet.

Atticus King


Meet Atticus. His paradigm in his journey through life is that of a seeker, He plays the role of a father and a husband and he spent most of his time operating a motel business called Victoria Court. He calls himself the Chief Mascot, but his guys calls him the CEO. He's been with EO since 2009.

Rain Belo Cincochan


Meet Rain. She's a second-generation owner and the current president of their family business, Wilcon Depot. She's been with EO for eight years.

Madonna Idica


She's the managing director for EcoSci Food, an importer and distributor of frozen meat, seafood and potato items. EcoSci Food is a vehicle for growth, enabling both its people and food entrepreneurs to think big or bigger. She's been with EO for more than a year.

Manny Ayala


Meet Manny. He's been with EO since 2008. He's currently the Managing Director of Endeavor Philippines, an organization that helps scale up High Impact Entrepreneurs. He's a father of two.

Shiela Ramos


Meet Sheila. She's been with EO for over twenty years as one of it's pioneering members, Along with her husband. They've built, closed and sold businesses ranging from food to technology. Currently, their primary occupation is raising their sons, whilst investing on the side.

Debbie Rodrigo

MyEO Engage

Meet Debbie. She's the managing director of Sugar Crafts Inc. They manufacture handcrafted edible sugar decorations for export for the last eighteen years. She joined EO in November 2014. 

Wilbert Cua

Strategic Alliance

Meet Wilbert. He considers himself a Jack-of-All-Trades. He's the GM of Optimal Systems Distribution. He's been with EO for four years.

Benson Siao

Strategic Alliance

Meet Benson. Currently, Robinson W. Siao occupies the position of President & Chief Executive Officer at Value Quest Securities Corp. Benson is also on the board of 5 other companies..

Ann Pastrana


Meet Ann. Wife of Chet Pastrana, mom to four adult children. She is a Co-Founder and Executive Vice-President of FastCat, a domestic shipping company connecting the Philippine Islands via Ferry Safe, Ferry Fast and Ferry Convenient Ferries. She's been with EO since 2000.

Sheree Gotuaco

Next Gen

Meet Sheree. She's the CEO of Stylist in Pocket Technology, Inc. and Omnimoda Intl, Inc. (Freeway Ensembles). She's been with EO from the very start as a member of the Spousal forum when her husband Eric was a member of the second forum formed. When Eric left EO, she joined as a member around four years later.

Javi Ko

NextGen Board

Meet javi. He's currently a sophomore in Ateneo De Manila University and he represents the NextGen committee. This is his first year working with EO.